Seat more diners

Eliminate physical queue

Increase operational efficiency by 35%


Whether you have one small dining room or multiple levels, Restaurant Suite easily accommodates to restaurants of all shapes and sizes.


Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. Take after-hours online reservations, letting it work for you while you're not working.


Readily access real-time and historial data of your reservations, wait list, table turns and seating statistics to better understand your business trends.

Master panel for Restaurateurs

Restaurateurs Panel

Monitor your business

Take your worry out of being away. Monitor your business with real-time service details anywhere in the world.

Floor plan management

Accurately Replicate your floor plans, so your restaurant will always run at full capacity.

Front-of-house management for Waiters

Seat more covers

Intelligently allocates tables for incoming guests, ensuring your service is moving at the right speed.

Manage wait lists and reservations

Collect contact information of guests booking, and system will automatically confirms and reminds guests, so you don't have to.

Waiters iPad App

Queue smarter with Wait List Kiosk

Wait List Kiosk

Smart waiting time estimation

System constantly monitor service period activity and intelligently adjusts estimated waiting time based on actual guest behavior.

Automatically notify guests

Eliminate the need for pagers and buzzers. Send guests a phone call or SMS when their turn is up, letting them wander while they wait.

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